Erasmus +

The collection of project proposals for the program Erzam + had started, the final date is 01.10.2015g. The scheme name is “Strategic partnership in education, training and youth.
The name of the project, which “Trainer consult” Ltd. will participate is “To enhance NEETs to become Seeds (NEETsForSeeds)”, and currently runs the recruitment of partners. They could beVET Оrganisation/Centre for information and consultation on youth; Public authorities at local/regional level; University of Transport – Sofia, Secondary school, Vocational school of transport – Sofia.
The target group of the project is: Inactive young people (NEETs) to 29 years. Professionals engaged in work with inactive young people, in the aspect of education, Social Affairs and employment.
Objectives: to activate the inactive young people not older than 29 years old (NEETs) to actively search for job, including self-employment and/or inclusion in education or vocational training. To create a data base and tools for securing work with inactive young people.


Founded of Center for information and consultation on youth (NEETs).

Initialization of inactive youth (NEETs) not older than 29 years, make contact and set up an individual profile.

Conducting a survey/assessment of the scale and characteristics of the phenomenon for NEETs./Sofia/exchange of “best practice” methods and approaches with organisations from countries with a minimum of EU youth unemployment.

Development of tools for assessment of individual competences and needs of those with the aim of targeting to continuing education, training and/or employment, including self-employment.

Study on the information from the research of competence in individual sectors and positions.

To conduct a survey among employers in some sectors for extra (current, modern) the key skills required for the performance of a particular profession.

Preparation of a list of priorities and key professional competences, necessary for the implementation of certain professions or entrepreneurship.

Workshops-knowledge of representatives of educational institutions (secondary and higher education) with the desired competencies.

Pilot implementation of the necessary skills in specific curriculum

Pilot courses on motivational training for inactive youth, with a view to their inclusion in secondary or higher level of education, or an active job search;

Qualification training courses and training in the field of key competencies, including entrepreneurship;

Analysis of the results and conduct of the Conference (workshop) with a view to presenting them in front of all parties concerned;

Preparation of information materials and the website of the Center (on the project).


Scheme “new workplace 2015.” published for consultation with interested parties

Managing Authority of the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development” 2014-2020, published draft guidelines for applying for the procedure BG05M9OP001-1.003 “New workplace 2015”.


What is the measure?

The procedure aims to ensure the preconditions for the creation of sustainable jobs for the unemployed and inactive persons. This objective will be achieved through a combination of measures to ensure appropriate training, including in the workplace, as well as providing various incentives for employers to create new jobs. The procedure will focus on the integration of some of the most vulnerable groups in the labor market.

Eligible activities:

1. Hiring of unemployed persons for a period up to 12 months

2. Provide training for newly hired persons.

3. Provide training for employees already key competencies according to the European Qualifications Framework by: 2 key competence “Communication in foreign languages” key competence

“Digital competence”.

4. Purchase of equipment, furniture, DNA and furniture related to the creation of new jobs.

5. Equipment and adaptation of new jobs for people with disabilities, incl. repairs, if necessary;

6. Provide a mentor for people with disabilities. Each mentor

esponsible for a minimum of 1 and a maximum of seven people at a time – the target group.

Please note that in addition to the above core activities of the procedure, your project proposal should also include

– Activities for the organization and management of the project and

– Activities for information and publicity – in accordance with the requirements of a manual beneficiary implementing rules for information and communication 2014-2020,

Koy can participate and what gets funding?

For beneficiaries – micro, small and medium enterprises do not require co-financing.

For beneficiaries – large enterprises, the minimum co-financing amounts to 20% of the amount of the grant.

Grant Amount:

· Minimum amount of grant: 50 000 lev

· Maximum grant: 391,166 Levs

Permissible target group for this procedure is: Unemployed and inactive [1] persons.

Priority will be funded projects in which at least 50% of the target group

It is composed of at least one of the following specific categories:

– Unemployed persons with low education level (below ISCED 3 [2]);

– Long-term unemployed and inactive persons;

– Unemployed or inactive persons with disabilities;

– Unemployed persons aged ’54 .;

– Unemployed youths up to 29 years incl.

Do not allow persons to be employed with an employer that were employed in employment in any of the previous 12 months from the date of conclusion of the contract

[1] “Offline” is the person who at the date of entry into operation activities is not part of the labor force (neither employed nor unemployed)

[2] In lower secondary education

Sustainability of results after project completion

The employer is obliged to keep employment at least 50% of newly created jobs for a minimum period of 12 months without interruption, after approval of the final report on the project with the exception of unforeseen circumstances. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the period stops and continues to run after their fall.

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