The courses that European Training Centre provides are as follows:


3450501 Small and medium business;

3460201 Administrative Services (Office Secretary);

4820201 Economic Information Assurance;

4820401 E-commerce;

5410601 Control quality and safety of food and beverages;

5430201 Production of furniture

6220301 Landscaping and Floriculture;

8110201 Organization of service in hospitality;

8110301 Hhotel management(valet);

8110701 Production of culinary and beverages (chef);

8110801 Service in catering establishments (waiter, bartender);

8120302 Guide services

8150201 Cosmetics;

8400701 Operation of road transport;

8610201.Tarsene, rescue and making an emergency restoration work;


English – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

German – A1, A2, B1;

Applied ICT training;

Computer technology and interactive methods in the preparation of drivers of motor vehicles;

E-commerce and other means of extra income on the Internet for non-professionals;

Specialized training according to the needs of your business, for example:

Ability to work in team;

Skills to solve conflicts;

Ability to work with clients in the provision of administrative and information services

Teamwork in terms of joint planning, implementation and reporting tasks

Team cooperation, in terms of management of group tasks

Using specialized software for working with data and calendars based cloud applications

* Other courses may be made after a thorough study of the current level of competence of the employees of the customer, development of specialized curricula.